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  • the altar with enclosed garnets

  • rays of light

  • sunlight floods the room

  • light dances on the floor

  • light wanders constantly

  • waiting for the right time

Highlights in the Garnet Chapel

The glow of love
and the light
of beauty are
the images of God.

Khalil Gibran


The Garnet Chapel is characterised by clear geometry. It is a shell, a shelter, a skin. Light falls through an opening in the ceiling and through a cross cut out in a wall. In the midday hours, the sun shines through the cross-shaped window openings into the sacred space and creates magical light effects. The brilliance and intensity of the light warms the heart and remains with you for days.

The changing play of light on the walls, enchanted on the floor, gives the place a magic of its own.

The altar is in unity with the space. A cut stone slab with enclosed garnets, black, grey, blood-red, is embedded in the larch wood of the altar.

Besides the visible “highlights” that the sun conjures up in the chapel, it is also the heartfelt and very personal “highlights” that make the heart soar. 

Some of these emotions can be found in visitors’ entries in the memory book - we would like to present some of them to you: